Jah Jah Bless Lyrics

yes you know we got to give respect
if you wanna get respect
don’t try fi(to) disrespect
cause no man deservs that
Hear me now

Jah Jah Bless
all of di sisters an di brothers
Jah Jah Bless
all of di mothers an di fathers
Jah Jah Bless
every man an woman
dem must trod as one
Trod as one yeeh
me tell yuh seh

jah will never give you more
than what yuh deserve
betta reason an observ
no badda gwaan like yuh nervous
because you disturb us
with your evil attittude
unnu(you) betta sekkle now my youth

just stay positive
like when your smokin from your spliff
when things positive
things get progressive
thanks yuh got to give
in Jah ways yuh fi believe
cause Jah Jah guide yuh
when yuh walk
an when yuh sleep

an when yuh drift
from the right way
yuh think only yuh suffer today
yuh feel so dark yuh feel so blue
i think it’s obviousley
your mind gone astray
an now i see you  
in too deep  
in too deep

not only me  not only you
not only he  or neither she
but everybody
jah jah blessings we recieve
so di life we got to cherish  


tellin di youths dem nah fi worry yeh
cause night time an daytime dem  still a worry
oh what a heavy burden  dem a carry
live is not a competition
but yet still  we rally
no time fi dally
its for your own good to move
cause Jah Jah never sorry

him set di plan him wrote di book
life is a journey
dis journey is a story
an it’s with a happy end
unnu better give a hand
to di ones whe need it
an feed dem if you can
mek dem know seh
truths an rights yuh a defend
Rastafari represents
Love an Light as your daily garment
an i hope you understand
that Jah Jah Bless di all of dem