More Ganjah Lyrics

me seh me nah leff (leave) mi ganjah
uuh yeeih
so yuh betta legalize it
seh mi nah leff mi ganjah
ei yah Ros Koz we affi (have to) smoke anadda one

More Ganjah
roll it up  and light it up
and smoke it yah
More Ganjah
man a roll it up
and light it up
and smoke it
Jah Know seh me smoke up di
Good Ganjah

ei yah Bibi
me know yuh smoke up di collie
but please don’t tell it to mommy
’cause you know she gonna argue to me
she seh: “Whacha doin’ to my little pickney (child)?”

Me say: Hold on
because di herbs dem never really kill no man
di herbs dem never really hurt no man
whether if it’s your first
or whether if it’s your third one
me say


the herbs is good for me
it’s good for you
di ganjah is good for me
it’s good for you
so if you wanna smoke with me
i’ll smoke with you
it’s easy like 1 2 3

first you got to grind it grind it
then you got to put it inna di OCB
but don’t mix it with no tobacco
cause me nuh like it
and me firends dem nuh like it also

now if you agree with our terms of use then
me seh Bravo Bravo
wrap up a draw fi di police man dem from Sofia
right back to Ohaio
Ei yah Ayo light it up now
cause all we need is just another draw
an me say More Ganjah  
a weh we want yah