Wild Lyrics

well it’s human nature to deny things which you don’t understand
I’m not gonna diss you if you don’t diss me first
but since you did that
this is what i’m tellin you

real thing this you know me nah fakin
me ah do me thing while di batty man hatin
you claim seh that better things you’re makin
then tell me why you still waitin

cause me never hear something bout you
but me hear more than nothing bout you
and i’m not something like you
you got to know that

me nuh angry but you talk too much so me nuh friendly
sometimes me cool like a water
other times me hot like a fire
wet and hot tell me can you blend it
my girl she get wet & hot when me bend she
now riddle you ah riddle
better don’t think too much

cause you know mi gwan go just
catch you bendin
an you will not defend it
situation gettin out of control
out of control

fi all of dem boy weh tryin diss me
dem fi know seh that dem couldah never diss a rasta youth
They make me get

Wild yuh know
because dem talk too much
but dem say nothing
Wild yuh know
so mi fi run dem out
and dash dem out
Wild yuh know
redder fire
now me can’t cool
dem fi know seh dat Jahmmi Youth is not a fool

You say you hate me
maybe you hate she
she ah your girlfriend
and now she say she like me
’cause of the things that she see
she see me pon di internet
hear me pon di radio
then watch me pon TV

that keep your mind busy
from monday to sunday
seven days of di week
well you nuh see
you alone full of hate and too much negativity
now you want fi set some fire pon me

but fi diss a rasta youth dat no easy
dem want we hate one another
and that’s easy
i’m not like you you’re not like me
then so you diss me
but it’s not the way it should be
you know we must

keep tight
and hold on together
if a women she ah your sister
if a man him ah your brother
me nah go diss you
if you nah diss me
but just fi di record
me say me nah go terrorize you
nah go violate you  
but  you fi know seh mi get
really really really….