Ireation and Love Lyrics

Thank God I met you in this life, girl
Cah you’re so beautiful-divine, my pearl
Fairy body, soul and mind
Eyes transcending space and time
Girl I love you that’s for sure
From coast to coast and shore to shore
I’d swim the ocean evermore
To find your smile that I adore

Baby I need you
Yes my girl I breathe you
Oh Lord protect this precious gift for me
I beg you please

Livin’ in ireation and love
Cah that is what a heart is made of
See the light come from above
Keep it in but share a lot of

So enchanted by your love
Pure and clean like the white dove
Sweet thing, I’m longing for your touch
Of that I never get too much
Heavenly angel, your tender care
Takes away all sorrow and despair
You’re my soul healer and my best friend
I pray we stay together till the very end

Cah the moment I found you
My world swirls around you
Give thanx and praise for life
I&I blessing multiply

/Oh what a feel indeed/
Livin’ in ireation and love
/Gimme gimme gimme sweet and ting/
Cah that is what I heart is made of
/Never give up the faith in me, woman/
See the light that come from above
/Keep it keep it keep it keep it reala/
We keep it in but share a lot of

Final verse’s for Jah love
Cah that’s what I’ve been dreamin’ of
Peace and harmony for humankind
Why does it seem so hard to find?
No matter whether you’re black or white
Make we unify
Iya cease the fight
You know inside that it is the right thing
Sing the song forever-living…

Don’t let them distract you
Cah when them attack you
Keep calm and show your love
Is stronger than them dreada fears…