Roots Rocket Stereo Lyrics

VoLion intro:
Watch mah flow
You too slow?
Let me show yow
Di scenario
Roots Rocket Stereo
Come inna di area
We blaze inna di air now
Soundbwoy better get ready fe di burial

Sen I (verse 1)

Some boy can get over dem head y’know
Soundbwoy yo we movin ahead and so
Step inna di line fe hear di prime rhyme sayer
If the ghetto is a slime, we live inna capital crime
Rum pum-pum-pum we enter da zone
Gimme di weed, gimme di lightah, blazin pon di microphone
Like a fyah dragon with a spire weapon
I empire hit upon di babylon vampayah crone
Disya reggae music is di answer mi own
It’s a stepping stone from di warzone fe di Zion home
Di everlasting love alone
From the supersonic lion to di silent Om
C’mon di show is on inna di zone
Of da supahuman backbone
Dem ah get blown
By the fully home grown
Ammah lyrical miracle
Who’s at the pinnacle
Of the psycho-phisicalle
Collie weed cyclone /oh what a pinnacle/
New dawn is arising /hear mi now/
No foola misprizing /inna di show/
We centralize and we organize
We focus eyes upon di mission and we syncronize

VoLion (chorus 1)

I music
Rebel music
More than ever
Roots music
Heavy vibez
More than ever x2

Sen I (verse 2)

Disya melody is whatta set di I free
Roots Rocka family is what I care fe, now breathe
Love is in di air – here, there and everywhere
We send a prayer fe di ones in the nightmare of warfare
I send a prayer fe di ones inna nightmare
We send a prayer in di nightmare of warfare
Send a prayer fe di ones in di nightmare
Yo, VoLion tell em so…

VoLion (chorus 2)

So much
So much illusion
Manipulator dem stop di revolution
Revolution is di only solution x2
Revolution mi seh..

Sen I (verse 3)

Some people seem so awfully set
Can’t realize di vibez are groovin n we’re movin ahead
You know you can’t stop di time
You haffi step outta line
If you’re still thinkin about what is yours and what’s mine
Fake prophets, fake rebels inna craze
Can’t escape your disgrace
While yuh dung di rat race
Even though all di evidence is here, I-man flee
Let Jah judge all your mischiefs and insanity

Everybody – everyday and everynight
It’s time we get together let di opposites unite
Cah di Sun is bright, you know it shines for all
Let the circle of I love tek ovah di control…

Yes I…VoLion, Sen I
Conscious message, conscious youth

I don’t care of no scarecrow
You don’t care of no scarecrow
Seh di Rastaman nuh care of no scarecrow
InI don’t care of no scarecrow x2

So much, so much illusion
Manipulator dem stop di revolution
Revolution is … only solution